Structure Vision’s DigiPacTM software can be used to model the structure and predict the properties of various particulate systems.

Shapes obtained by X-ray microtomography / Packing of pasta (528 pieces)
DigiPac™ analysis of catalyst pellets in a packed column In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, our DigiPacTM product addresses two key issues:
  1. Given a number of arbitrarily shaped particles of a particular shape and size, how are they likely to pack together in a confined space?
  2. Based on this packed structure, how is the entire assembly likely to behave in real life (e.g. how will gases flow through the structure and what are its heat transfer properties)?

DigiPacTM has been used to assess the behaviour of catalyst systems on chemical plants and has also been used to predict the likely dissolution behaviour of tablets in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Modelling of Packed StructuresDigiPac™ used to determine segregation of particle blends
DigiPac™ coating simulation DigiPacTM Input and Output

Input to DigiPacTM can be from: In addition, DigiPacTM can output packed structures in CAD format for additional analysis, for example, CFD.

Property Prediction of Packed Structures

DigiPacTM can provide the following analysis of packed structures and particles:DigiPac™ flow module being used to assess filter performance
Characterisation of flow through porous media, in this case a bed of sand particles.

DigiPac™ analysis of aggregate flow through a hopperSimulated heat transfer through a section of foam scanned using XMTSection of XMT scanned aspirin tablet (top) and simulated dissolution (bottom)



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